[HowTo] Install Passbolt in ubuntu 22.04 (easy way)

The easy way to install your own Passbolt Server, I consolidated in the following script.

If you want to use it, copy and paste the following code in an empty file called “install_passbolt-ce.sh”

sudo ufw allow 80
sudo ufw allow 443
mkdir ~/passbolt
cd ~/passbolt
wget "https://download.passbolt.com/ce/installer/passbolt-repo-setup.ce.sh"
wget https://github.com/passbolt/passbolt-dep-scripts/releases/latest/download/passbolt-ce-SHA512SUM.txt
sha512sum -c passbolt-ce-SHA512SUM.txt && sudo bash ./passbolt-repo-setup.ce.sh  || echo \"Bad checksum. Aborting\" && rm -f passbolt-repo-setup.ce.sh
sudo apt install passbolt-ce-server
sudo dpkg-reconfigure passbolt-ce-server
sudo systemctl reload nginx

When done, save your file, add the permissions to execute it as following:

sudo chmod u+x install_passbolt-ce.sh

and then just try running it with the command: