Ubuntu 20.04

I have finally been able to update my Ubuntu to version 20.04. As we know, the update from 18.04 through the command ‘do-release-upgrade’ took a while to arrive, however it was only yesterday that I tried it and it worked perfectly.

At first glance I have found that my system is working much, but much better, especially in terms of resource consumption; If it was already optimal before, at this time the statistics of it (I use htop) shows that it is much more optimized.

On the other hand, my system runs on a DELL Inspiron 17 7000-7737 Series. Its operation is total, all the hardware components have been recognized without major problem.

As usual, in this version we will have 5-year support (until April 2025) for both its desktop and server versions.

In addition to having its original flavor, we can count on its additional flavors that you can find HERE.

Finally, all the applications that I had installed, work perfectly.

For now I will stay here, testing and reviewing the new changes and improvements. Soon I will be posting everything new that I find, as well as testing and commenting on its new features.