Using wget Linux command

wget is a command-line, open-source utility to download files and web pages from the internet. It gets data from the internet and displays it in your terminal or saves it to a file. This utility is non-interactive. You can get the most out of it through scripts or even schedule file downloads. Typically, web browsers […]

MacOS X – Big Sur – SMB/Windows shared folder Issues connecting

This kind of incident occurs for two reasons, 1 – It is possible that the Login information stored in the KeyChain is not updated or corrupted, which is why Apple staff recommends deleting the Login type entry from the Keychain that points to the network share (Windows server ) 2- The users at the time […]


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rsync command

The rsync or remote sync, is a Linux/Unix command utility used to synchronize and copy files and directories either locally or remotely. Rsync may be used to mirror, backup or migrate data across folders, across disks and networks. One notable feature with the rsync command is that it uses the “delta transfer algorithm.” What this […]

Hackers Using Google Analytics to Bypass Web Security and Steal Credit Cards

by: Ravie Lakshmanan from The Hacker News Researchers reported on Monday that hackers are now exploiting Google’s Analytics service to stealthily pilfer credit card information from infected e-commerce sites. According to several independent reports from PerimeterX, Kaspersky, and Sansec, threat actors are now injecting data-stealing code on the compromised websites in combination with tracking code generated by Google […]

Ubuntu Desktop Makeover

I must confess that since Ubuntu started, there have been a lot of changes that we have experienced on our desktop (each time for the better). However, I have always loved changing its appearance, to one more according to my particular tastes, sometimes up to 3 changes per year. This is one of the features […]

Upgrade from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04

Hello penguins, I hope this short post helps someone. As you know, I have been using Ubuntu since 2004, and I must confess that I like it more every day. I have already some years (5 years at this time) that I left the country where I was born (Venezuela). Now, I live in the […]

Ubuntu 20.04

I have finally been able to update my Ubuntu to version 20.04. As we know, the update from 18.04 through the command ‘do-release-upgrade’ took a while to arrive, however it was only yesterday that I tried it and it worked perfectly. At first glance I have found that my system is working much, but much […]

Installing PowerShell on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)

As all you already must to know, I am a Linux enthusiastic, especially when it comes Ubuntu. But the truth is that in each company in which I had to work for the last five years, they are companies that base their technology platform mostly on Windows Server operating systems. Because of that, I had […]